It was Monday yesterday. Worst day of the week for some of us (many of us? All of us?).  Nothing goes right that day. It’s difficult to wake up, people are annoying in the bus, I can’t look at my coworkers and for sure I can’t focus on my work. I noticed that it actually starts Sunday night around 10 pm when I start whining while lying on the couch. My husband usual says: “here we go again”. 🙂

So what’s up with this Monday?? What is it that we don’t like that day? Is it because we have to go back to work after nice weekend? Is it because it’s difficult to get back to routine or is it because we realize that our life it’s getting boring again?

So are there any studies that explain phenomenon of MONDAY? Oh yes they are! One says that half of us will be late for work on Mondays, we will spend about 12 minutes moaning, and our work will be productive for about 3.5 hours. The other study shows increased number of deaths from coronary hearts disease on Mondays. Interesting right? I am sure heart diseases are related to amount of alcohol people drink during the weekend. I am also pretty sure that detox units and rehab centers increase their admissions on Mondays.

So what is it with Mondays? I am beginning to think that we just don’t like to work. And Monday it’s just reality check for us so we hate it so much. This can be confirmed but another study done on over 300.000 people who were asked how they feel about different days of the week. It was found that many of them hated Mondays but no more than Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Next time you find yourself getting anxiety on Sunday about the next day Monday ask yourself what is really happening for you. Maybe you don’t like your job, or your coworkers. And maybe rather than be unhappy and struggle every Monday, you can make some changes in your life. I ask myself that question every Sunday night 🙂

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